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3 Defenses The IRS Can Fall Back On After Chevron's Demise

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to eliminate federal agencies' ability to rely on the 40-year-old Chevron doctri... (more story)

Top NC Legal Industry Legislation Of 2024: A Midyear Report

North Carolina lawmakers have instituted a streamlined process for state business court filings and are eying cont... (more story)

French Left's Tax Pledges May Go Unfulfilled

The tax policy pledges put forward by the leftist bloc of parties that won the most seats in France's legislative ... (more story)

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States Should Loosen Law Firm Ownership Restrictions

Despite growing buzz, normalized nonlawyer ownership of law firms is a distant prospect, so the legal community should focus first on liberalizing state restrictions on attorney and firm purchases of practices... (more story)

IRS Proposes 'Basket Contracts' As Listed Transactions

The Internal Revenue Service proposed rules Thursday that would flag so-called basket option contracts as potentially abusive listed transactions, imposing additional reporting requirements under the threat of... (more story)

Low-Speed EV Maker Sues Treasury Over Blocked Tax Credits

The U.S. Department of the Treasury violated the Administrative Procedure Act when it passed final regulations excluding low-speed vehicles from qualifying for clean vehicle tax credits, a maker of low-speed e... (more story)

Ex-VP Of Fla. Aerospace Co. Sentenced To Prison For Fraud

The former vice president of a Miami-based aerospace company was sentenced to just over a year in federal prison after he pled guilty to fraud-related charges in connection to a scheme that involved embezzling... (more story)

Engineer Who Faced Export Charges Cops To Tax Counts

A Chinese-born engineer has pled guilty to two counts of filing a false tax return related to allegations that he and his wife omitted gross income from their tax returns between 2015 and 2019, after Texas fed... (more story)

Chevron's End Won't Affect Cubs Sale Tax Suit, 7th Circ. Told

An anti-abuse rule the IRS is using to push for taxes on gains from Tribune Media Co.'s sale of the Chicago Cubs is not threatened by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the Chevron deference doctrine, a... (more story)

5th Circ. Told 'Pay To Litigate' Rule Doesn't Bar Refund Suit

A couple arguing the IRS failed to apply their tax overpayments to deficiencies claimed by the agency asked the Fifth Circuit to reverse a lower court's dismissal of their suit on the grounds that they hadn't ... (more story)

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Fire Fee Reversal Risks 'Chaos' For Cities, Detroit Says

The city of Detroit urged Michigan Supreme Court justices to leave in place a decision that said its fire inspection fees are not a disguised unlawful tax because reversing it could send municipalities into "c... (more story)

Accounting Firm Contests Blame For Client's $2M Tax Bill

An accounting firm maintains it had no duty to inform an online flower bulb retailer about a major change in tax law stemming from the U.S. Supreme Court's 2018 Wayfair decision, telling the North Carolina Bus... (more story)

'Bridgegate' Defense Offers Road Map For NJ RICO Case

Counsel for the powerful New Jersey mogul and Democratic operatives facing explosive racketeering charges are likely to justify their actions as just business, experts told Law360, describing defense tactics s... (more story)

Mich. Asks Appeals Court To Rethink Nationwide's Tax Win

Michigan insurance companies that are part of Nationwide are required to file taxes as individual entities and not as a unitary group, Michigan's tax department said, asking the state Court of Appeals to recon... (more story)

NJ Panel Says Tax Amendment Challenge Had No Real Claim

A New Jersey state appeals court on Wednesday tossed a challenge to an amendment blocking certain appeals from being litigated in the state's tax court, reasoning that parties can still fight tax matters in trial court.

MGM's Suit Against Mich. Tax For Ill. Riverboat Sale Tossed

A Michigan subsidiary of MGM failed a requirement to request an alternative apportionment method before going to court in its challenge of a corporate income tax assessed on gains from its sale of an interest ... (more story)

A&E Overcomes NYC's Rejection Of Debt Deductions

A&E Television Networks may claim a New York City corporate tax deduction for certain debt expenses, a city administrative law judge said in a determination released Wednesday, saying deductions allowed federa... (more story)

NY Judge In Trump Case OKs Narrow Subpoena For Atty

An attorney who told reporters he held an impromptu hallway conversation with a New York state judge in the lead-up to February's $464.6 million civil fraud judgment against Donald Trump must turn over any com... (more story)

Calif. Health Players Back Managed Care Tax Amid Uncertainty

A ballot measure backed by some of the biggest healthcare players in California is designed to protect billions of dollars in revenue for the state's Medicaid program. Its impact may hinge on persuading more d... (more story)

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IRS, OECD Officials Detail Expansion Of AI In Tax Work

The Internal Revenue Service and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development are making great progress in adopting artificial intelligence in tax administration, representatives of both organizations said Thursday.

Biz Officials Call For Simpler Tax Rules In Light Of Pillar 2

Business representatives said Thursday that tax compliance rules need to be simplified as new minimum tax rules, known as Pillar Two, are added to the existing regime.

Portugal Enacts Pillar 2 As Part Of Economic, Tax Package

Portugal's Council of Ministers approved the minimum tax provision known as Pillar Two in a package of economic and tax measures designed to boost the country's economic growth, the council announced.

HMRC, CPS Beat Financier's Claim Over Botched Prosecution

HM Revenue and Customs and the Crown Prosecution Service have beaten claims of malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office by a corporate financier following a failed criminal fraud case, with a jud... (more story)

House Panel OKs Tax Breaks For More Education Expenses

The House Ways and Means Committee sent several education-related tax bills to the full House of Representatives on Tuesday, including legislation that would make additional elementary and secondary school exp... (more story)

India High Court Says Rights To Sell Liquor Aren't Taxed

The rights to sell the alcoholic beverage arrack are not taxed because the liquor vendors who purchase them do not fit into the definition of "buyer" under Indian tax law, the Supreme Court of India ruled.

After Chevron: Uniform Tax Law Interpretation Not Guaranteed

The loss of Chevron deference will significantly alter the relationship between the IRS, courts and Congress when it comes to tax law, potentially precipitating more transparent rulemaking, but also provoking ... (more story)